Anthony John Clarke
Singer/ Songwriter

“A National Treasure “ Fairport Convention

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Man with the Red Guitar

The Man Himself AJC

Anthony John Clarke: (Singer/songwriter, sublime raconteur.)

"We all look at life, people and things. Anthony John knows how to SEE what we look at, and uses his depth of compassion and insight to write songs which make us look again. Like tidal water, he is gently but inexorably powerful."

                   --- Simon Nicol

" He can charm his way into your affections before the first song is finished" 

               ---Ian Bruce

"Anthony John makes you feel every emotion. Absolutely fabulous entertainer!!!!!"

             ----Jenny Williams

Anthony John Clarke: (Singer/songwriter, sublime raconteur.)  You think he is singing a love song and all of a sudden he turns it into something else.

         ---Alan Power

Not only has he written four of the most popular songs on the folk scene – ‘The Only Life Gloria Knows’,

 ‘The Broken Years’, ‘Walking On Sunday’ and the immortal ‘Tuesday Night is Always Karaoke’, but he remains 

in essence the reason that folk clubs and festivals continue to thrive! 

He is hilarious, serious, compassionate, irreverent, brave, challenging, and a proper 

guitarist with an instantly recognisable voice.

Beyond Karaoke

For 35 years or more this gentleman of the world folk scene has seamlessly made the transition from pubs & social clubs to folk clubs, theatres & folk festivals. Now the established MC at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention Anthony John takes it all in his stride. “I just love the music, writing it, listening to it, trying to learn it, and luxuriating in it”.

Singer / Songwriter

In 1996 on a beach in Enniscrone Co. Sligo, Anthony John Clarke sat down and spent an hour and a half writing “Tuesday Night is Always Karaoke” now a folk classic, but you’d be mistaken to judge this body of work  on these 90 minutes. Hard on the heels of this song followed “The Broken Years” & “The Only Life Gloria Knows”, just two of a 15 Album catalogue of songs that guaranteed this wordsmith a place in the heart of the folk scene.

Anthony John Clarke is the real drop, he understands songwriting and the light and shade”  - Colum Sands

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'Walking On Sunday'

At Marine Hall, Fleetwood 2018

VIdeo Courtesy of  Pete Simmonds

One More Story To Be Told - DVD

A fascinating and at times hilarious insight into the man and his work.

Including clips of him getting into all sorts of trouble. 

We found ourselves singing along to all these songs we didn't know. 

- The Independent

The man is a "tour de force!"

- Bob Wood The Ram Club Essex